Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Most Important Meal Of The Day: Sugar Shack

If you're one of the lucky ones whose ol' ticker is still able to pump blood through those rush-hour traffic veins you've accumulated over the years from too many greens and not enough raw meat, then you've more than likely heard the age-old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Quite frankly, the experts at Wasted On Steak disagree. Every meal holds an equal opportunity to stuff that stomach.

But, in honor of the world's greatest sporting event and South Africa's unwillingness to accommodate those of us living in the only time zone that matters, PST, breakfast is going to be crucial for the next month if you plan on catching those 4:30am matches.

So wake up, wipe that eye snot off your face, indulge in the 3 morning S's, and let us present to you, the first establishment to serve food before noon, the one, the only, Sugar Shack.

A staple of Surf City, The Sugar Shack makes you feel more at home than your own folks do. So waddle in and grab a seat. "Mom, the meatloaf!! Now!!"

Coffee. We all know it's as vital as those morning vitamins. But if you need something a little lighter, go ahead and set your purse down and pick up a Surf. What's that you're wondering. Half coffee and half hot chocolate topped off with a generous heap of cream.


As far as Wasted On Steak is concerned, everything on the menu is worth the price of admission, but the sole standout, the one we would actually pay to just look at is the Keppy Spesh, or The Keppler Special if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

This modern mash up of the traitorous Eggs Benedict is so ridiculously good and wafting with aroma, you'll swear it was cooked in a Dutch Oven. Now this dish is generally served with scrambled eggs, but being the avid hunters that we are, we prefer our eggs poached and delicately placed upon a bed of tomato, avocado, bacon and dressed in Mr. Hollandaise's sauce. Plop it on a plate full of golden brown hash and have at it.

(Keppy Spesh)

Next: The Main Street Omelette

I suspect anyone with a pulse knows what an omelette is so I'll save my precious breath and give you the vitals. Fresh Avos, grilled onions, mushrooms, sprouts, and a brick of melted cheese tossed up and beaten together with eggs. Oh mama! Take a look at that down there. Looks like a snake giving birth. Nature.

(Main Street Omelette)

Now on to some dessert. Yes you saw correctly, dessert, at breakfast. Don't forget to save some room after your first two courses for the most hedonistic of French Toasts. I'm at a loss for words in trying to describe this one, but I'll give it my best. Imagine for a moment you just woke up from the most glorious of naps to the sun's golden rays licking at your innocent little cheeks. You wipe up the slobber from your face to find you've been sleeping on a cloud of cotton candy and lying behind you, cradling you ever so gently is the one and only Peter Frampton and as you reach down to take a bite out of the cotton candy cloud, Frampton breaks out into the most angelic version of "Baby, I love your way."

It's kind of like that. I apologize again for my lack of creativity. Why don't you just have a look for yourself.

(French Toast)

And so we have it folks. Breakfast, equally as important as any other meal.