Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Five Imposters

As you all know by now this publication comes hand delivered to your computer screen from the greatest country in America, California.

Don't try to argue, you will lose.

I mean seriously, the East Coast? What do you got? Nothin, I tell ya.

California is iconic. Try traveling abroad and when someone asks you where you're from and you drop the "California" bomb on their ass, all you have to do is sit back and watch a wave of wonderment peel across their face.

What other state will do that?

South Dakota?
Rhode Island?

Get outta here.

Here's a little mental stimulation for you, what's the first thing you think of when you see these two words: California cheeseburger.

I know, I can almost feel the animal style fries clogging my throat right now.

That's right, In N Out. And like the slogan goes, "That's what a mother-effing hamburger is all about."

But now Virgina is trying to move in on our territory with these "other Guys." Coming in to our town, trying to rip-off our hometown red and white colors.

You may have heard of the "Five Imposters" restaurant made famous by our higher up.

So Virginia you can keep your "lovers" on the East Coast and we'll keep our California "Golden" 4x4's lodged in our guts, animal style of course.

We haven't eaten there yet, but don't worry, as you can tell, we're not biased.

"IN N OUT vs FIVE GUYS" food fight coming soon....

Wasted On Steak
knockin out your back door

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